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World’s Largest Everything. Check out all of them
WORLD’S LARGEST INDOOR SWIMMING POOL World Water Park Edmonton , Alberta , Canada 5 Acres
WORLD’S LARGEST OFFICE COMPLEX – CHICAGO Chicago Merchandise Mart… Illinois , USA
WORLD’S LARGEST SHOPPING MALL South China Mall, Dongguan, China …892,000 square meters – shops on 6 floors

WORLD’S WIDEST BRIDGE – AUSTRALIA Sydney harbor bridge, Australia 16 lanes of car and rail traffic
WORLD ‘S LONGEST BRIDGE CHINA Donghai Bridge , China …32.5 kilometers
WORLD’S BIGGEST PASSENGER SHIP MS Freedom of the Seas 4300 passenger capacity inside
WORLD’S BIGGEST PLANE AIRBUS Airbus A380………..555 Passengers
WORLD’S BIGGEST BUS Neoplan Jumbo – cruiser……2 in 1 bus….double deck bus……170 passenger capacity
WORLD’S HIGHEST STATUE…………… BRAZIL Christ the Redeemer Statue, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
WORLD’S TALLEST BUILDING DUBAI Burj Dubai 900 meters high.
Palace of the Parliament.. Bucharest , Romania …. more than 500 bedrooms, 55 kitchens, 120 sitting rooms

WORLD’S BIGGEST STADIUM……… BRAZIL Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro Brazil – CAPACITY…199,000
WORLD’S COSTLIEST STADIUM……. ENGLAND New WEMBLEY STADIUM, London …90,000 capacity Cost…$1.6 billion

WORLD’S MOST COMPLEX INTER-CHANGE… HOUSTON , TEXAS Interstate 10 Highways Interchange… Houston , Texas
WORLD’S BIGGEST EXCAVATOR Built by KRUPP of Germany …45,500 tons…95 meters high…215 meters long
WORLD’S LARGEST HOTEL… LAS VEGAS MGM Grand Hotel… Las Vegas …6,276 rooms
WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE HOTEL… DUBAI , U.A.E Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai …only 7 Star Hotel in the World Cheapest room… $1,000 per night. Royal Suite… $28,000 per night
WORLD’S LARGEST CHURCH BUILDING …. NIGERIA Winners` Chapel… .Canaanland…. Otta , Nigeria Inside Sitting Capacity… 50,000. Outside Overflow Capacity… 250,000

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