With nearly three weeks still left in the candidate filing period for The Woodlands Township board election, there has been a slight shuffling of candidates and the positions being sought by the seven applicants as of July 31.

On Tuesday, Position 7 candidate Tom Chumbley formally withdrew his application for that seat — being vacated by retiring Director Carol Stromatt — and refiled candidate papers to instead seek the Position 6 seat on the seven-member board. The change-up means incumbent Director Ann Snyder now has a challenger; she ran unopposed in 2017.

In The Woodlands, candidates can choose what seat they run for on the township board, as there are no districts nor restrictions on who may seek a particular seat. Chumbley’s withdraw from the Position 7 seat leaves the race to replace Stromatt between Walter Lisiewski, chairman of the township’s Development Standards Committee, and Jason J. Nelson, a pastor at the Rose Hill United Methodist Church.

Chumbley said via an email to The Villager he felt changing his bid from Position 7 to Position 6 was a better political strategy and gives voters more options for new faces on the Board of Directors.

“I still think I am a better candidate between them, and am currently not throwing my support behind either one, right now, but I think voters will get a clearer choice between the remaining candidates in Position No. 7 by me not being there.

Further, there are values, principles and positions I am taking that seems to contrast with the current holder of Position No. 6, and align more with my own and the majority of the residents — and voters,” Chumbley explained in his email. “I really believe we will ultimately be better served by me running on Position No. 6.”

Chumbley added that his changing his challenge to Snyder involved much thought and consideration due to his respect for her.

“This is no small decision for me, as the current holder of position #6 is someone who I like very much personally but this is business and Township business at that. In sum, I appreciate her service and think she has many positive aspects of a good leader. I believe I will lead the community to a better place. Some feel that her leadership has been slack of late is what I am hearing also. And, her time is up.”

The board election is Tuesday, Nov. 5, and three seats are up for re-election. Candidates can file papers to run for a seat until Aug. 19. Write-in candidate applications are accepted through Aug. 23.


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