When you walk into Urban Air Adventure Park you might see kids literally bouncing off the walls and hear the echoes of laughter that rings throughout the 40,000 square-foot indoor theme park in Shenandoah.

If you’re looking for a place to sharpen your dull ninja skills and have a great time with your family while occasionally indulging in a good slice of pizza, then this is the place for you.

Like many theme parks there’s a different color wrist or attraction band for each day you come. For example one day the wrist band color will be orange, the next day green and another day it could be pink.

There’s nothing quite like it says Jennifer Sieracki, Urban Air Adventure Park franchisee and owner of Urban Air Adventure Park in Shenandoah.

You can’t help but whoop in joy after going through the different attractions in the park. You’ll most likely feel like a kid again after jumping on the trampolines, rock climbing, bumping cars, and eating junk food.

One of the more favorite attractions is the warrior course. It has different levels of difficulty that range from beginner to an advanced level. You’ll have to hone in to your warrior skills to get through this one, it’ll definitely test your strength and balance.

It’s funny when you see the dads try to do some of these attractions. They might have been able to do it when they were younger and they try to see if they can still do it, Sieracki says.

Sieracki loves seeing families come to enjoy their time off at Urban Air Adventure Park and it reminds her of why she started doing this in the first place.

Her previous job had her traveling all over the place as she was working as a regional director for a small startup that sold medical devices. When she had time off she and her three teenage boys loved to watch The America Ninja Warrior show.

She wanted to be closer to home, in The Woodlands, and has always been interested in franchising she said.

Sam Moon Group wanted to create an entertainment venue for residents in Shenandoah which led them to bring Urban Air Adventure Park to the area.

Sieracki met with Sam Moon Group and they decided it was a great place to bring Urban Air to compliment the new 10-screen AMC Theatre and soon opening Dave & Busters.

Although Urban Air Adventure Park in Shenandoah has only been opened a week the success rate has been a positive one, Sieracki says.

“It’s a great place for families to be active together and put down your electronic devices your phones, and laptops. To get out and have fun with your kids,” Sieracki said.

It’s fun seeing families interact like that, dads are climbing walls next to their children and just doing activities instead of sitting around on your phone she added.

No one has to worry about rain or shine, cold or hot, because it’s all indoors. Safety, Sieracki says, is the top priority for her.

“I think about it all day long,” she said.

John Mayner, director and convention visitors bureau director for Shenandoah, says that Urban Air Adventure Park offers a whole other mix of things to do for the family as well as small groups looking to do team building activities.

He says it’s easier for residents and visitors to get around to places like Urban Air Adventure Park, Dave & Busters and Main Event here in Shenandoah. The 2.2 square mile city has a growing population and the close proximity of these places just make it easier with travel time.

“It’s really going to shine,” Mayner said.


Original Article from: https://www.yourconroenews.com/neighborhood/woodlands/news/article/Urban-Air-Adventure-Park-opens-in-Shenandoah-14928308.php