A new business has aimed its spotlight on women by offering a chance for them to laugh, enjoy and unwind with an evening full of fun.

CampShe was started by Dezrae Derksen in July 2019. Derkson, originally from Canada, has always liked trying new things. After moving to the U.S. she had a difficult time making connections and reminisces in the times when her large group of girlfriends would get together and try new things for fun.

“I was talking to one of my friends Ashlyn and telling her it would be so much fun if we could kind of put something together like this,” Derkson said. “And we just thought well we’ll just go ahead and try it.”

Their main vision is to create a space for women to feel like they can be apart of something. People can come to CampShe events and just focus on themselves for a little while, away from the clutter of the day and meet new people they can talk to.

“We make these events so woman can come and not have to stress about anything, and the only goal of the evening is to laugh and have fun. We’re trying to build a place for woman to come and feel a part of something,” Derkson said.

All of their events are held at Angel Oaks which is owned by a charity, Special Angels of the Woodlands. Each event CampShe hosts is ticketed and some of the proceedings are donated to charity.

“It’s really important for us to give back as well, so we do donate money towards charity,” Derkson said.“This is something that will always be a part of our events.

Angel Oaks events director, Verdye Posey, recently attended one of CampShe’s events about self defense for women.

“It was fantastic. It was very knowledgeable, very enlightening, everybody had a good time,” Posey said. “They were laughing and cracking up and everybody was, you know, trying out the self defense on each other and it was really fun.”

Most of the people in attendance are local people according to Posey.

The company will aim to host events about once a month structured around different themes. For example, in November the event is called ‘Friends Family feud’

“I think the most important point we want to get across for CampShe is that we’re focused on Self-Care. In our lives we get so busy and things keep piling up that push ourselves as a priority down the list,” Derkson said.


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