When Rick Perry entered the presidential campaign, the conventional thought was the Republican Primary entrants would be jolted into pondering how the Texas economic model could be used on a National level. Rick was sure to brag about it, and I was very enthusiastic about his entry into the race. As a Governor, I felt Rick was a good politician with bad ideas. Especially bothersome was his using a much increased franchise tax on business based on “gross revenue” to claim our State was not increasing taxes.

My general view of Perry was favorable because he didn’t “mess things up”. But, with his political skills, bringing the “Texas Message” to the USA seemed something I could support. I was glad he was going to run for President.

After over a month of Rick on the National Trail, I am unofficially recalling him from the stage! Not only has he become an embarassment to our State, he now threatens the prospect of a new President in 2012. Perry, quite frankly comes off as a phony on almost all policy matters. His lack of understanding or even conviction on his postions is bad enough, but an unsettling arrogance seen in too many politicians, stands front and center whenever he speaks. This, more than his other failings, should be grounds for a “Recall”.

Perry has amassed a large chest of cash to go the “long haul”. This means he can continue making conservatism look “stupid”. And worse, he likely will continue trashing his fellow candidates with irrelevent accusations about having a yard man that hired an illegal immigrant. Although the poll numbers suggest his stature has diminished to “also ran”, his arrogance and money may keep him in the campaign long after his time. With Perry in the race for long haul, will any of us be happy with our eventual candidate.

I am sending his organization my rejection of his continued campaign on the grounds he is crusading for the enemy! The longer he struggles to regain significance on the national stage, the happier Barrack Obama will be. Just stay in Texas Rick. That’s not a bad consolation.