I’ve had many instances of bulkhead sheathing cracks causing soil washouts along my bulkheads over the years. The past few years, the repairs I made were actually successful. Here is what I do to repair these:
  1. Dig all the dirt from the washout all the way to the bottom
  2. Estimate enough bulkhead cloth (can be purchased from Shoreline Companies on FM 830) to create a sack large enough to fill the resulting hole.
  3. Weight the sack down to the bottom of the hole with a brick or equivalent.
  4. Fill the sack with Scott’s Lawn Turf Builder. This soil is shedded and mulchy so does not seep through the cloth when water from the lake washes into it.
  5. Pack the soil as best you can

As the repaired area settles, fill the area with more Turf Builder until the settling stops. Hopefully you left enough of the bulkhead cloth to reach the top of the bulkhead. When the settling has become minimal, the excess cloth can be trimmed.