Hi  [Sawadii Kaa], welcome to the Thai Wok In Website.  At our restaurant we endeavor to make you the best Thai food outside of Thailand. How do we do this?  Put simply, We use the freshest ingredients possible and we do it ourselves.
Authentic Thai food at its finest is simply made of rice or rice noodles, fresh vegetables & meats and a little spice to add to the exotic wow. At Thai Wok In, We strive to prepare you fantastic Thai food using only the freshest ingredients available and prepared right before your eyes. No tricks or gimmicks, just the most amazing and exotic flavors you may ever encounter.
Our menu offers a wide selection of authentic Thai dishes ranging from vegetarian, to a lot of meat. If you like it hot & spicy or not at all spicy, let us know.
We are family owned and operated. So we care about you and your family. Come on in and let us know what you think.

Khob-Kun (Thank you)