Easy Renting

As an alternative to traditional consumption, we are now launched our new concept in sharing economy, Share Kayak .

With our state of art technology you get the opportunity to experience kayaking in a simple and safe way – just as much as you want. Whenever you want!

It’s as easy as single QR code scan. Head down to one of our kayak station, choose the kayak, scan the barcode and kayak will be unlocked, take your life jacket and enjoy Kayaking. Once you have you enjoyed the kayaking and want to return it? place the kayak on same rack/position and lock the kayak. that’s it!

Easy Sharing

Our sharing service is a smart alternative to traditional ownership and a way to make life easier for you as a user – while reducing the consumption of nature’s resources!

Share Kayak is an innovative and sustainable service where we offer our users to use our Kayak together for training, experience and wellness – without having to be crowded in the gym.

You can easily unlock our Kayaks via the intuitive app and you will be in waters within few mins.

Sharekayak is self service rental service. We have placed the kayak station inside the Venice on the Lake RV Park.
Our Kayak rental solution is fully automated, anyone can scan the barcode and unlock the kayak. https://sharekayak.com/index.php/how-it-works