I will take you on a memory making guided Lake Conroe fishing trip of a lifetime.
Fishing for various types of fish and creating those memories only a few dare to dream.
People of all ages and experience levels have been for some of the most enjoyable days
of their fishing lives.

I have been a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department licensed Lake Conroe fishing
guide since 1997 and fishing competitively since 1986 in Bass tournaments. I pride
myself in being able to adapt to the many challenges on the water throughout the day;
and specialize in teaching people various techniques on how to fish and learn more
about the lake in order to help them catch fish consistently every time they go.

Most people think of Lake Conroe as Houston’s play ground; for pleasure boating, jet
skiing, and just cruising around the lake.

Fishing Lake Conroe offers a large variety of fish and it is all within 50 miles of
Houston. Black Bass, Hybrid Striper’s, Crappie, Catfish, and White Bass. My Lake
Conroe guide trips are designed to cater to you. If you want to catch Black Bass my
tournament experience will help us find as many fish as possible. When it comes to
the Hybrid Stripers I probably catch more of them on a consistent basis than any other
fishing guide on Lake Conroe. Crappie fishing is a matter of catching them when
they are on my brush piles. Since 1986 I’ve put on an average 100 trees in Lake
Conroe each year in order to keep the fish in the most productive areas. This also
allows me to search various areas to locate the most productive depths. Catfish; Lake
Conroe is one of the premier channel catfish lakes in the state.

Lake Conroe Fishing offers a wide variety for different times of the year. I’m a firm
believer in teaching a person to fish in order to feed them for a lifetime instead of
giving them a fish and feeding them for a day.