Asian Cuisine Restaurant in Houston, TX

Akashi Fusion Asian & Sushi Bar is an exciting Asian restaurant destination located in a neighborhood near you! The hip décor infused with lively music is reminiscent of an uptown, SoHo-style restaurant. Come and enjoy our delicious and inventive Asian fusion culinary works!
Whether you are craving Chinese, Japanese, or a little bit of everything, Akashi Fusion Asian & Sushi Bar offers not only the freshest and the most exceptional ingredients, but also the most unique and innovative experience, providing high quality through a spectrum of mild to robust flavors. Experience food that blends Japanese and Chinese influences to create something truly out of this world.

We are a family-owned and -operated business. With 9 locations in and around Houston, TX, we are the perfect place to take your family to dinner or order takeout with your roommates! From catering for large parties to takeout and dine-in options, all of our locations are always creating fresh and delicious rolls of sushi, orange chicken, teriyaki, and so much more.

Stop by for lunch or dinner; you will simply love all of our food!