as of July 12, 2012

Hello again, LCA Members. As things have been relatively uneventful on Lake Conroe and lake levels have improved to far more enjoyable levels for all of us, there hasn’t been much to report over the first half of 2012. I share a few brief thoughts to keep in touch as follows:

LAKE LEVEL: 198.44 (relative to “normal pool elevation” of 201.00..…2.56 feet down)

INVASIVE PLANTS: Texas Parks & Wildlife reports they haven’t seen any substantial re-establishment of Hydrilla and very little Giant Salvinia or Water Hyacinth. They are currently completing an Aquatic Plant Survey and will report specific quantities within the month.

NATIVE PLANTS: Texas Parks & Wildlife reports “some spread” of shallow water native plants such as water willow, water hissop and water primrose. As you may recall, when the White Amur Grass Carp finished eating our Hydrilla, they moved on to feeding on our valuable native vegetation. Many thanks to Texas Parks & Wildlife, San Jacinto River Authority and Seven Coves Bass Club for their efforts in Lake Conroe’s Native Plant Restoration Project initiated in August, 2011.

ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING: Lake Conroe established an Advisory Committee approximately 5 years ago to jointly address Aquatic Plant Management issues. Members include Lake Conroe Association, Seven Coves Bass Club, National Bass Organizations, San Jacinto River Authority and Texas Parks & Wildlife. Upon completion of Texas Parks & Wildlife’s Aquatic Plant Survey, we will meet together to discuss both 1) Invasive Plants and the need to treat/not treat them, and 2) Native Plants and the continued restoration of the diverse species needed to maintain a healthy reservoir.

TEXAS A&M LAKE CONROE STUDY: The study contracted between Montgomery County and Texas A&M University to evaluate the effects of removing water from Lake Conroe as part of San Jacinto River Authority’s Groundwater Reduction Plan (GRP) is almost completed. The study funded primarily by the LCA was to be completed by the end of 2011 but, we are assured, a final product is soon available and a Public Meeting discussing its findings will follow.

NO LCA FUND RAISING FOR 2012: Anticipating limited cash needs for 2012, the LCA is pleased to waive annual dues for 2012. We know if an emergency occurs and significant cash is required, our LCA Members will respond favorably and contribute to an LCA fund raiser.

As new information of interest becomes available, I’ll write again. Should you have questions or desire to review previous LCA President Updates, please access our website at Wishing you an enjoyable Summer season on Lake Conroe.

Mike Bleier, President
Lake Conroe Association