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I'm looking for a soul mate (a life partner) i am 32 years of age. It's been over a year since I lost my fiancé. I feel lonely and looking for someone who loves me and brings back the happy moments that I miss i know this is not the best means but i still believe there still some good people in here and willing to have a good companion as well.. For the time being I have defined myself in a few paragraphs. I am a woman whose heart is near to God. I have a strong spiritual foundation for good morals and values. I am a woman with a noble character full of confidence. I am polite in my attitude and I hate to hurt. I am domestically oriented and can build a family with the virtue of a good woman. I work energetically when I have a job. I'm looking for a man from the age of 38 and above a man with a gentle soul who can understand and pay attention to me, and a man who can take my heart and treat it as his own. Thank you for your attention to my message.
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