CRAPPIE FISHING TIPS: Got a chance to hit the water a couple of weeks ago.  I love fishing in December when there are not as many people on the water, and I am not sweating myself to death trying to catch a few Crappie.

It was a Saturday with temps in the 70′s, and a strong cold front coming in the afternoon.  We decided to go fishing at an area called Stubblefield Lake which is the very North tip of Lake Conroe here in Texas.  All indications were that the fishing should be good, and it was!

The wind was blowing anywhere from 10 — 20 mph from the southeast in the morning, so we went down the river channel and focused our attention on fishing a deep drop on the west side of the river.  We got to the water about 10:30 and caught several slab Crappie until about 1:00.

The wind started to shift directions from a more Northerly direction.  We kept on getting bites, although slower in frequency, so we kept fishing in the same spot.  We were fishing with live minnows and jigs by the way.

After about an hour of catching no fish, I realized that we should have moved when the wind shifted directions.  I took a look toward the bend about 200 yards down river, and noticed a bunch of bait-fish jumping around.  Now I was really  upset with myself.  Don’t you just hate it when you know you should have done something that you didn’t.  The bait-fish had moved to the windward side of the water body.

Anyway, we fired up the trolling motor so as not to spook the fish, or disturb the other anglers.  We found a good tree to tie to and threw in our lines.  Almost instantly, we were catching fish once again.  We left just before dark with a full  stringer of fish and a very good time had.

The motto of the story is to focus your  efforts on the opposite bank (windward side) from which the wind is blowing.  Had we moved to the South bank once the wind had shifted to blowing from the North, we would have even had more success.  This is especially true in the bigger lakes.

Now get out there and enjoy one of the best times of the year to go Crappie fishing.