Spring Break has lots of folks fishing on the Lake this week. Pictured is Gman with a nice Blue he caught on a jug line fishing in Lewis Creek with his grandfather. They also caught several large Ops!

This is the time of year that the enforcement officers are out on the Lake checking fishing licenses and boating equipment. Be sure and have all the required safety equipment on your boat including a throw pillow and horn.

The single biggest revenue source for the Texas Parks and Wildlife on Lake Conroe is “SHORT’ fish. Be sure you know the difference between Hybrid Striped Bass and White Bass. The length requirement for Hybrids is 18 Inches and for White Bass 10 Inches. The problem is telling the difference between the two when the fish are small. Click Here to see how to properly identify your fish.

Crappie also have to be 10 Inches. This does not mean 9 15/16 inches. If in doubt about the length being 10 Inches, just release the fish unharmed back into the Lake and save yourself a huge fine. The Crappie had moved to the shallows; but, have retreated some due to the water temperature dropping below 60 degrees again. Continued warm weather should bring them back to the shallows this week.

Keep A Tight Line & Enjoy

Papa John