There are not enough positive words to say about Dosey Doe and The Gin Blossoms band to describe the experience I had at this event. Our tickets were for a 5:30 show. Thinking this would be a dinner and music combo as usual, band starting at about 7, we arrived at 6:15 only to find I had forgotten to bring our tickets. We walked into club to find the band already “bringing the house down”. The girl at the door, call her our hostess, heard our sad story about the missing tickets and immediately found us our seats at the front of the stage. No questions asked. Our next problem was food. The hostess informed us that food was off the table. No eating while band was playing. Well, duh…the place was rockin! Everyone in the joint was on their feet, clapping with the song, singing and dancing. This was a complete shock to my nervous system. I tried sitting down at the table to analyse what going on, but realized I was the only one in the whole place in my chair, conspicuously located at the front of the stage in front of the singer. I hightailed it to the bar. Recognizing the song “Hey Jelousy” as being one of Gin Blossom’s signature songs, I was worried we were near the end of the show. We were. The band was saying good night, but the singer said “stick around, we have 4 shows to do tonight”. Now we were even more confused. We thought this was a one show night. We asked a waitress if we could still be fed. She thought for a moment, then said yes. Then the band came back for the encore, during which we both decided were were gonna stay for the full show somehow. This was a fairly mature crowd, loving the experience.

Anyway, we found a place to sit and our waitress took our order, delivered it promptly, while handing out the bills to her other patrons. Halfway through our satisfying, but quick meal, the place had emptied out. The bartender mentioned that the hostesses were calling the ticket holders of the next show to get them arrive early because there would be no eating during the performance. We tried to calculate how they were going to do this 3 more times and not run out of time or energy. About when our food was gone, people began streaming in from both entrances and filled the tables, including the one we were at. Looked like “standing room only” for us. Then our hostess came to us saying, “Since you guys were late to the first show, we found you something close to where you were the first show”. We followed her to almost exactly where our other chairs were. Right where we wanted to be. The fun people at our table mentioned they had gotten texts from Dosey Doe warning them to get here quickly. We told them our story and how the previous crowd was going nuts. None of them expected any of this crowd to be that way. We also mentioned how accomodating the staff at Dosey Doe had been. Turns out we got the same hostess and waitress…perfect. We talked and bonded with most of our table friends while they ate. Someone told us there were not three more shows, this was the last. OK, the singer exaggerates.

After the tables were cleared, the band began. Their music was mature and melodic, with the frontman engaging the audience at every chance. Almost every song had the crowd singing choruses and clapping to the beat. Not knowing the words as well as this group of fans did, I found myself humming and mimeing them out anyway. This was a lotta fun. As each song was performed, more and more of the crowd were on their feet. Not me. I was gonna be the last to stand. Deciding I needed to visit the rest room, was walking down the table aisle, when Gin Blossoms blasted into “Hey Jealosy” again. Knowing this was the end of their set and having already video/audioed 2 of 3 songs I wanted to capture for my wife, I turned and started the cellphone video again. Everyone was on their feet! This was the first time I had seen the whole crowd. Our table was up too. After half of the song, the singer steps from the stage to near the exact spot on our table I had gotten up from. Guess he saw an opening. This guy tiptoed halfway down our table singing, shaking his tamborine, clapping and missing every glass of wine, beer, water, etc on the table and began leading the crowd like a cheerleader. Everyone were teenagers again. I was getting this on video too. I even thought, “I might not want to show this to my wife”. I later decided to show her with the promise I will find us another shot with The GIN BLOSSOMS. She missed this due to new grandbaby. The show ended as the first one, as well it should. Walking to our car, I asked how much I owed on the tab. We both looked at each other and said “Who cares, that was well worth it”.