Please, with all of the drought, fires and low lake levels, always check out your contractor before you agree to any terms. Background checks, google searches, references from good jobs and even a not so good job to see how the contractor rectified the work done, do all the digging you can. Also beware of several business name changes under the same owner and out of state contractors. I have seen a few that claim to have lived in Texas, but have out of state license plates and driver’s license. You will want to check all company names as well as the owner’s name. If you have the time and patience, and are willing to possibly spend a few dollars, do a national civil case search as well.

I am writing the warnings because I myself have been conned by a “con”tractor as well as several friends, family and acquaintances. There have been hundreds of thousands of dollars lost in just the one project I hired a contractor for. I want everyone to protect themselves from what I am going through now. The economy is tough enough and I’m sure nobody wants to just throw away money. With the state of the economy and the recent disasters, it has brought out alot of the bad seeds in the industry. NOW, I’M NOT SAYING ALL ARE BAD SEEDS. There are reputable companies and even small businesses that operate under dba’s that do excellent work and will stand behind their work. Just please do your homework before hand.