Winterizing Your Boat Myth

(Tips for boat owners)
There seems to be an urban myth on the part of many boat owners that if it doesn’t freeze and stay below freezing for an extended period of time, there is no reason to “winterize” your boat. 
The reality of the situation is that most boat owners do not use their boat in the winter and their boats sit up for long periods of time. Boats that are not used often have problems that can be very costly to repair in the Spring.
Corrosion Can Be Damaging To Internal and External Parts


Rust never sleeps:  Allowing corrosion to flourish during the off-season is less dramatic but equally destructive as blocks that freeze if the temperatures remain under freezing for long periods of time. Corrosion can establish a foothold on idle components, so liberal use of corrosion inhibitors–both internal and external–is a very important principle for winterizing.
Fogging Oil is used for both inboard and outboard engines. Fogging oil is an anti-corrosive that will protect the internal surfaces of the carburetor and the cylinders. Fogging Oil in an aersol can be introduced to the engine via the carbarator(s).
Outboard owners will often also remove the spark plugs and spray fogging oil into the holes to coat the interior surfaces of the cylinders and rotate the flywheel a few turns to spread the oil on the cylinder walls. While the plugs are out they will use this time to check the plugs and re-gap or replace as required. 
“We will fix it in the Spring”. Boat owners often put their boats up after the last use in the summer/fall with some little things wrong that they will have fixed in the Spring. Spring is the busiest time of the year for all boat repair establishments. The winter months are usually slower and you can get your boat in and out in a very short period of time. 
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Jeff Petrilla
Lake Conroe Marine



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