Papa’s on the Lake


This is an all-around fun place to hang during the
summer months but if you’ve got a boat, it’s the better! Get your play on at the
lake, then dock at Papa’s for some food &

-buckets of beer
-big ol’
-live music on occasion
-big bathrooms
-LOVE thier grilled chicken
salad! They also have good cheeseburgers, onion rings and ranch dressing (is it
weird to say their dressing is good?)

It’s a huge place! When it’s hot
it’s all open, patios galore. The 2nd floor is like a ginormous balcony – it’s
roofless with a lotta tables and lounge chairs for tanning.


entertainment venues Food and Fun sandwiches/burgers wine and spirits , , ,

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4 Reviews

  1. Dan Petrocelli, 4 years ago

    Location and view amazing. Food is good, but service is hit or miss. I’ve had good service by personable wait staff on occasion. But more often than not, had to go to the bar for drink refills and service in general. The personnel are mostly arrogant and seem to rely on what they perceive as “good looks” to garner tips rather than great customer service. I gave 3 stars for location, view of Lake Conroe and burgers.

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    • Catherine siegel, 5 months ago

      I have to agree with you. I as well saw the same. It was our 1st visit there with my family. Nice area and amenities. Poor service, no drink refills, did not check on us. I had to get things myself. Made the best of it anyway. OVERCHARGED ME ON MY BILL.

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  2. Theresa, 3 years ago

    Absolutely today was the worst ever, no one told us the kitchen was backed up 45-60 mins, our burgers took 1hr 20 mins.. Waste of time on the lake and food was far from worth it, no apologies.,, just too bad? Really?

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  3. Nancy Stephens, 2 years ago

    Went there Sunday after a 40th reunion to watch the Texans game and have lunch…about 20 of us. Our waitress Candy was so sweet and did an awesome job taking care of us. We had pitchers of tea on the table. When one of our ladies took an empty pitcher to the bar to ask for a refill, an extremely rude and aggressive girl named Morgan says “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT PITCHER???? YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE THAT,!!” … Our friend tries to explain that our waitress had brought it to the table but she’s busy now, and we needed a refill”..Morgan grabs the pitcher from her and says “WELL YOU CAN’T HAVE THAT!!” So my friend says “FINE!! Then bring us 20 teas please!” As soon as we finish eating, we ask Candy for our separate tickets (the poor girl had a 20 person table and NO help, but did the absolute best she could) .. my same friend goes up to the bar and asks if she can pay since Candy is so busy. Now the manager, Nick, a rude, cocky, gum smacking guy who is the Manager, tells my friend ” YOU PEOPLE HAVE TO MOVE!!! I NEED A STRAIGHT ACCESS!! You have to move!!! Right now!!”. My friend says that we are all paying our tabs and fixing to leave and he shouts back at her “NO, YOU DONT GET IT!!!! YOU NEED TO MOVE NOW!!!!!” Well…..first of all, they told us we could push tables together to accommodate our large group, 2nd….we weren’t blocking anything, we were way in the back in front of the totally empty and unoccupied deck, and only half of us could see a single TV at the opposite end of the bar, the other half would have had to turn around and sit backwards, 3rd…. there were open areas several feet wide on each end of out table if he needed access to the deck, which again, had not a single person on it, and 4th..why did he have to be so rude, demanding, and obviously unappreciative of our over $300 worth of food?? Maybe if we had all been drinking beer instead of tea with a couple of us drinking beer, he would have been nicer? WHO KNOWS!!! But we were paying customers, all 58 years old, mature enough to behave, trying to enjoy the last remnants of our 40th High School reunion and eat lunch and watch the game. I’ve lived in Conroe since 1979 and I have never witnessed such appalling treatment by a server.. Morgan..and a no class manager..Nick…in my life. Plus I was the only local. All the others were from Houston. I was so embarrassed for them to see how low class our area treated them. I WILL DEFINITELY NEVER ATTEND ANY FUNCTION Held here OR RECOMMEND THIS RESTAURANT/BAR TO ANYONE I KNOW!!! Manager should be fired!! Thank you Candy for your hard work! You were the only employee there that was worth a damn!

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