Clearing Stumps From Lake Conroe

At the end of last year (12/13/11), local Fishing Organizations, The Lake Conroe Association, San Jacinto River Authority, Texas Parks and Wildlife, US Forestry Service, E-Z Boat Storage and the Palms Marina began working together in an effort to eliminate stump hazards located in the main parts of the lake (not creeks, tributaries, or dry lake beds). The approved area extended from the dam on the south to the southern point of Cape Malibu, being about 3 miles north of the FM 1097 bridge. The Lake Conroe Association, in conjunction with E-Z Boat Storage and Palms Marina began organizing and privately funding the stump removal part of the project at the beginning of the year.  A GPS reading of the stump locations were taken in December while the lake was at it lowest level.

By the time the cutting began on 1/16/12, the lake had already risen 9″ to a 193.81 ft pool level. Local teams worked with the cutting contractors to locate and mark stumps for the contractors to cut. One member mentioned several times his worry that even a slight rise in water level might make some of the stumps unfindable. He praised the GPS program for directing the boats right over their targets. Fortunately, the weather held and the job was completed before anymore rains came. Four days later the lake rose to 194.2 ft , a level that would have made this project impossible to complete.

Encouraging for fishermen, about 95% of the cut-offs sank to the bottom in deep water, creating even better horizontal structure for fish habitat. Since these stumps are generally in the river and stream beds that fed the river, locating good fishing spots should prove easier than before.


  • Stumps were cut a minimum of 8 feet below the lake level.
  • Approximately 400 stumps were cleared.

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The Lake Photos below were taken on 1/23/2112

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  1. James Reaves, 6 years ago

    A lot of these stumps are used to fish by, by the many catfish fishermen so you re not really doing us a favor. They help keep some of the idiots on jet skis and ski boats away from us so we can fish in peace. I have been on this lake for a long time and know where the stump fields are. Oh, well!

       -   Reply
  2. Dana Richardson, 6 years ago

    James, as has been stated in many articles about this project, stumps visible at normal lake levels were not cut. The stumps you used before to tie up to are still there. The stumps that were cut were not known to anyone until the lake dropped over 8 feet. This includes the boaters you refer to as idiots.

    Besides, there are still a half million stumps to tie up to. This was a safety issue and was not intended to do anybody “a favor”. I wish most fishermen would quit regarding anything that transpires on Lake Conroe to be “all about them”.

       -   Reply
  3. igoforit, 6 years ago

    James, I too have lived on the lake since 1984 and know where the stumps are (FOR THE MOST PART), but there are always surprizes. The lake is for everybody not just you.

       -   Reply
  4. Tom Gaede, 6 years ago

    Many thanks to the local Fishing Organizations, The Lake Conroe Association, San Jacinto River Authority, Texas Parks and Wildlife, US Forestry Service, E-Z Boat Storage and the Palms Marina. As someone who has encountered these stumps and had damage to my boat I thank you

    I have a question. This post states “Stumps were cut a minimum of 8 feet below the lake level.” Does that mean the water level on the day of cutting of 1/16/12, or does it mean 8 feet below the normal pool of 201 feet?

    Thank you!

       -   Reply
    • Dana Richardson, 6 years ago

      This means they were cut 8′ below the level when the cutting was done. At normal pool level, stumps are 16 feet below lake level.

         -   Reply

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