“Los Tormentos de Amor” (1998): Clever surf-punk ditties played with precocious passion, all owing allegiance to a strong “whatever-a-billy” or “Spaghetti Western” influence. Quite the classic, the album has become an underground jewel and sells for upwards of one hundred bucks.

The Formula (2002): A furious denial and overthrow of the pearl button, greaser-roots-rock heritage. Punk-ish songs of superficial lust gone wrong dove-tailed with South-of-the-border, Tex-Mex crooners.

The third album, simply self-titled “Southern Backtones” (2007):  A dark cinematic embracement of Brit-pop and psychedelia in a philosophical search for more bohemian influences.  Songs “Forever” and “Everything” were featured in the indie feature film “Drop Dead Sexy” starrring Jason Lee and Crispin Glover.  Music Video “Forever” (produced by Zenfilm) has had international airplay on MTV2, MuchMusic Canada, CNBC and more.

“Cinematic songs begging for a movie to live up to their promise.” San Francisco Bay Times

“Brooding paeans to loves won, lost, and unrequited infused with smart, poppish melodies.  The only way some of this stuff could get any beautifully darker is if it grew black wings and flew away.”  Fort Worth Weekly