Impact of Lake-Level Reductions on Lake Conroe Area – Texas A&M Report

Here is the final report for Texas A&M estimating the impact of the lake level reductions:

Download the PDF: Lake Conroe Final Report

Bottom Line Summary

  •  The GRP scenarios are likely to impact lake-levels significantly. Lake-levels are expected
    to fall more than four feet below full pool 1.6 times more often in phase one than in prior
    periods, and increase to 8.5 times more often in phase four.
  • Direct economic impacts are most likely to occur geographically near the lake.
  • Residential properties in lakefront communities enjoy a 15% premium, which declines
    quickly with geographic distance.
  • Residents in lakefront communities expect a 28% decline in residential property values,
    in which case losses in real estate values would amount to $1.1 billion in the area.
  • For each foot of lake-level decline beyond the first two feet, retail trade revenue in the
    City of Montgomery decreases about $414,000 per quarter per foot, or about $1.6 million
    per year per foot.




  1. igoforit, 6 years ago

    Appreciate summary, but where can the report be found on the internet????

       -   Reply
    • James, 6 years ago

      If you will look at the top of the page you will see the download. It doesn’t get any better!! There is absolutely nothing postive to come out of this. A lot of businesses going under and cheap property if you dont care about lake frontage. In case you didn’t know, Ms Parker raped us when they took the water out for Houston. That was at the time of the extreme heat and the water mains were breaking down there. There was 1,000,000 gallons of our water running out on the ground and she had laid off so many Public Works people off that was no one to repair the leaks. Yet she created 25,000 jobs. Where????? She also blew $1,000,000 of the Houston people’s tax money in Austin trying to access the Fire Departments pension thru lobbys that would not see her way.
      When I first came to this county, it was a big deal to live on Lake Conroe and now it is the worst place you can be trapped at. I dont want to give our place away so we are stuck.

         -   Reply
  2. Paul, 5 years ago

    I understand that the attorney for the SJRA is the same one for Woodlands MUD’s and they are selling limited water from a watershed to themselves and that people are profiting from this. It also makes no sense that water was not brought from the Trinity River through Huntsville in to the northern part of Lake Conroe then flow into Lake Houston. There is a plan to pipe water into Lake Houston from the Trinity River but it completely by passes Conroe. The county also sits on another aquifer which could have been tapped and has much greater reserves but no effort was reported on this possibility. Sounds politically motivated since the choice of building a half billion water treatment plant and draining the water from a watershed lake was the route chosen by the parties controlling these decisions.

       -   Reply

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