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About the Lake Conroe Dot Com Domain

Our domain truly functions as a worldwide web network for visitors and contributors. Broadcasting and sharing information about our wonderful community and the people and places that make it vibrant is who we are. Identity integration with Facebook allows our website to  functions as its own social network for sharing information among the community and beyond. Serving unique and distinct purposes, our networks create a community that dominates the web. Check out any search on Google for “anything” Lake Conroe for validation of the effectiveness of this arrangement. If you want to tell anyone about anything, our domain will spread the word around the world.

For businesses, placement on these pages cannot be purchased. The businesses and places included on our site are determined by our Editors to be of pertinent interest to Lake Conroe visitors and residents. Businesses must also maintain their own websites for telling visitors about their operation. Promoting activity and commerce within our community is a primary reason this website exists.  Requests for inclusion can be made by using our contact form. We suggest reviewing the qualifications before making your request.

This domain name is owned by the Richardson Family, long time and passionate advocates for Lake Conroe. Two generations of the family own and operate respected boating, real estate and technology businesses servicing the Lake Conroe area today. Although the businesses the Richardson’s operate are prominently displayed throught the website, the integrity of the content here is not compromised or is any person or business discriminated against for commercial reasons. The Richardson have operated this website for many years and are not asking for any fees for being included on the site. Qualifications for being included as “places” on this website are narrowly and logically defined in order to include “what matters” and not to clutter the network with information easily found through other resourses.

List of Richardson Businesses:

  • E-Z Boat Storage & Valet Launch
  • The Palms Marina
  • Texas Boat Sales
  • Sunset Shores RV Park
  • Texas Boat Brokers



For Individuals

Any person can announce and contribute to the website. We encourage you to post opinions, events, announcements and anything else you wish to share with others. These pages are highly optimized for search engines and get very good response for our publishers.

Feel free to post items in our free classified section. These ads get readership and results. Post your favorite photos too. We especially encourage you to post events to our calendar.

For Businesses

Any business can advertise, announce, and contribute to the website. Product and service specials, coupon offerings, and general marketing postings are welcome. Business must create a visitor account to make postings or promotions. This is a simple account needed to maintain and place postings.

Placement on our primary pages cannot be purchased. The businesses and places included on our site are determined by our Editors to be of pertinent interest to Lake Conroe visitors and residents. See Qualifications...

Area Events

  • September 26, 2018 – Citrus Duo
    9:00 pm, The Red Brick Tavern
  • September 27, 2018 – Buck Yeager
    9:00 pm, The Red Brick Tavern
  • September 28, 2018 – Jed Zimmerman and Mark McKinnney
    9:00 pm, The Corner Pub
  • September 29, 2018 – Texas Renaissance Festival
    N/A, Texas Renaissance Festival
  • September 29, 2018 – Big Noyz
    8:00 pm, Papa`s on the Lake
  • September 29, 2018 – John Anderson
    8:00 pm, The Crighton Theatre